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January 18, 2020 – Burgenland News

Enrico Onofri with the Haydn Philharmonie and the Wiener Kammerchor at Schloß Esterházy – opening the season with Haydn and Beethoven. What a beautiful evening and start of the New Year!

So glad I could join my beautiful friend and renown artist Catherine Sica at this wonderful event!

Photo Credit: Reinhard Judh

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August, 2012 – 5280 The Denver Magazine

Beauty: Princess Theodora von Auersperg – Product Feature

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5280-The Denver Magazine

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July, 2012 – It’s a Glam Thing

Princess Theodora Von Auersperg shares her ancestors “once exclusive”  thousand year old Royal Beauty Regime with women across the USA!

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It's a Glam Thing

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June, 2012 – Luxe Life Daily

Princess Theodora Turn Every Day into a Spa Day!

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June, 2012 – Dermascope Magazine

Worth A Look – Product Feature


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May, 2012 – Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine

Letter from the Editor & Around Town

May-Cover-Tampa Bay ParentingPrincess-Theodora-Tampa Parenting LetterPrincess-Theodora-Tampa Parenting 3

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April, 2012 – Tampa Style

The City’s Who’s Who & What to Do. – Cool Shots and Scene with Kary Glubis


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March/April, 2012 – duPontRegistry – Luxury Living in Tampa Bay

dR Style Section: Publisher’s Picks – Enjoy the colors of spring


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Gladys – Wedding & Couture Issue 2012

Live, Love & Enjoy Beautiful Beginnings – By Mary Winkenwerder


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February, 2012 – JC Report – Beauty Guru:

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Nothing expresses the beauty and experience of romance the way that Valentine’s Day does. This rather unique holiday is the perfect opportunity to give a wonderful, if not slightly frivolous, beauty-inspired gift to someone you love. In this issue of Beauty Guru, we turn our focus on the most delightful, Valentine’s Day-perfect products. From skincare to cosmetics, fragrance and more, the following suggestions are sure to inspire romance and beauty as well as leave a lasting impression. Read More…


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December, 2011 – JC Report – Beauty Guru:

The Ultimate Gift of Beauty

Everyone appreciates a gift of beauty. And with the holidays rapidly approaching, it’s time to start picking up the perfect presents for your friends and family. For this issue of Beauty Guru, we’ve selected some of most desirable and memorable beauty gifts for both men and women. Read More…


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December, 2011 – Ultimate Skincare & Beaute Report – Product Feature

The durability and effectiveness of natural ingredients never cease to end. Their historical care reach throughout the ages, has made it to our present day mainstream of personal care. Read More…


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October, 2011 – Refinery 29 – Super Easy Beauty Tricks from L.A.’s Top Pro

What are the best beauty/skincare products to splurge on? – Product Feature – Read More…


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October, 2011 –

Product Feature by Bevs Lim Lee

Princess Theodora Skincare products are made from the most natural purest most refined ingredients. For those who appreciate a wonderful skin care regime that’s a delicate balance between the luxurious feel of a product and its benefits, Princess Theodora Skincare is a great skincare to try. Read More…


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October, 2011 – The Aisle New York

Love. Shop. Wed – Product Feature

While runway-inspired beauty trends are tremendously motivating for  every day make-up, beauty for a wedding is an entirely different entity  altogether. Read More…

The-Aisle New York-Press

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August, 2011 – Passport Magazine

Radiant Skin – Product Feature

Passport Magazine is a luxury lifestyle publication of MTA Media Publications and is individually hand distributed by uniformed personnel at select locations in New York City during the late afternoon and evening.


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July, 2011 – Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose

Beauty & Wellness @ Princess Theodora von Auersperg – A Beauty

By Geraldine Lai Published in A Beauty Feature and abeautyfeature.blogspot

Rose oil and Rose water

are both used in Princess Theodora Skincare;  as the most classic anti ageing agents, primarily they will nourish the  skin and help it to retain moisture, at the opposite end of the  spectrum, rose oil and rose water when used in a skin toner for oily  skin, have astringent qualities that help control excess sebum on the  skin. Read More in A Beauty Feature and abeautyfeature.blogspot.


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June, 2011 – JC Report – Beauty Guru:

More Product Breakthroughs – Product Feature

As summer rapidly approaches, it’s imperative to establish and maintain your skincare regimen. Thorough hydration and exfoliation are key factors in maintaining year-round healthy skin, but it’s particularly important during the summer months—especially with heavy sun exposure and holidays on the horizon. Although cruelty-free formulations remain at the forefront of cosmetics marketing strategies, there is also a huge demand for diverse ingredients and formulations as well as distinguishable lifestyle branding. In our continuing search for the most superior formulations in skincare and cosmetics, we are pleased to recommend the following brands as worthy additions to your existing (or developing) regimen. Read More…


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July, 2010 – The Holiday Lookbook – 158 days until Christmas!

Published in

Last month we were invited to the Holiday Lookbook at the Metropolitan Pavilion. Hosted by style and beauty expert, Jenn Falik, the media-only preview event showcased dozens of new and notable products. While we didn’t expect a pet-themed event like the recent NYC Pet Show, we were pleasantly surprised to find many great items that are perfect for pet parents and their families.

Our Picks of the Litter for special gifts:   Chocolatines by Sweet Endeavours While our doggies can’t eat chocolate, our human friends can. These decadent chocolates taste as good as they look—and the designs are absolutely gorgeous. They would make the perfect gift for dog walkers, groomers, or friends.   Hylunia/Hymed Skin Care Hylunia offers a line of vegan and cruelty-free skin care products. When we mentioned we were exploring products for “dog people” we were immediately shown the Colloidal Silver Mist with lavender – the product minimizes bacterial growth with the antiseptic properties of colloidal silver.   Princess Theodora Fine Beauty and Wellness Products The products are made of the most luxurious ingredients based on aroma and plant therapy. The products are never tested on animals and none of the ingredients are of animal origin. The Princess Theodora Foundation has been established to support the humane treatment of animals and animal rescue operations. Ten percent of Princess Theodora’s product sales are donated to select shelters and rescue groups.


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March, 2010 – Hampton Roads Magazine

Natural Instincts – Product Feature


I will admit I am not the best at using all-natural products all of the time, but I am learning, and these new products make it easy to make the switch. We can all start incorporating environmentally savvy beauty lines by simply reading the lists of ingredients. But going green can also mean looking for ecofriendly containers that provide more product and require you to use less or packaging designed to be reused or recycled. Here are Pam’s Picks to help save the planet and our skin at the same time. by Pam Hopkins, HRM stylist

Princess Theodora Items: Serum: This Rejuvenating Rose Serum is packed with essential nutrients and fortifying antioxidants such as Hyaluronic Acid; DMAE; vitamins A, B, C, and E; Alphalipoic Acid; Rosa Damascena; Meadow Foam; and Rose Absolute. These ingredients will assist in the miraculous rejuvenation process of your skin while maintaining an overall youthful appearance. Serum is 100 percent vegan. $158. Princess Theodora, an online company based in Virginia Beach. Lotion: Moisturizing Rose Lotion is a wonderful restoring, refining and moisturizing treat for all skin types. An aromatic and super intense blend of softening rose hip oil and rich hibiscus extract packed with DMAE; MSM; vitamins A, B, C, and E; and rose absolute. Lotion is 86 percent organic content, 100 percent vegan. $118. Princess Theodora. Mood Balancing Spray: This mood balancing body mist made with pure jasmine, rose, and neroli oil has the most beneficial effect when sprayed all over the body after a shower, but it can be applied as a refreshing mist any time of the day. Spray is 100 percent vegan. $88. Princess Theodora. Lip Balm: Pamper and nourish your lips with Lip Nourishing Rose Balm. full of miracle ingredients such as sweet almond oil, palm christi oil, jojoba oil, meadowfoam oil, vitamin E, neem oil, rose, tangerine and lime, this lip balm will relieve your lips from dryness and flaking while also giving you a refreshing flavor. Balm is not tested on animals. $38. Princess Theodora.


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