Advice From A Tree

~ Stand Tall And Proud.

~ Go Out On A Limb.

~ Remember Your Roots.

~ Drink Plenty of Water.

~ Be Content with Your Natural Beauty.

~ Enjoy the View.

2 Responses to “Advice From A Tree”
  1. newprairiestore says:

    Very good advice. : )

  2. Ilan Shamir says:


    I noticed our advice mentioned in your site and wanted to write you. Aren’t trees amazing? Thank you for celebrating the beauty of the trees and sharing Advice from a Tree with your audience. I remember the day, very vividly, when I leaned against that 100 year old cottonwood tree in Colorado and asked for its wisdom. What came through me was a gift that I am proud to share with everyone. The poem has been very popular worldwide; translated into Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese as well as recently into Daki (Afghanistan). Advice from a tree now appears on tshirts, greeting cards, posters, notepads, books and even pillows. It pleases me to share a message from the Earth as reminders for people to live their true nature.

    It is important to keep the copyright and completeness of the poem as it is shared. I am writing to connect with you in our common bond of trees and to ask you to add information if it is not included:

    1. Ilan Shamir should be noted as the author (It is spelled ILAN SHAMIR)
    2. It should have (c)Ilan Shamir as the copyright. We would ask you to help us out by making the a link to our site.
    3. The poem, wherever possible, should be included in its entirety.

    I invite you to get to know us more and visit our website (we have 60 other advice) and also the ecard that plants a tree. If you become an affiliate and put our link on your website, you can let people know about this beautiful tree gift. If you like, you can also let people know about the YouTube videos

    Let your audience know I wish for their growth, connection and branching out to their full potential.

    I look forward to hearing from you and together we can celebrate the beauty of trees!

    Kind regards,


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