The Link between Beauty and Kindness to Animals

Dear ‘Save A Soul’ Friends,

As a woman who has been focused on the search for beauty most of her life, it’s important to me for people to understand that beauty can be found in the most unlikely of places.

I was visiting an animal shelter and was shocked at how many loving pets lacked a proper home, love and a chance at life. Until that day, I have to admit that I really had not given much thought to the plight of our furrier friends. I knew there was a controversy in the beauty industry over using animals for product testing, but my consciousness had yet to be raised.

Then, as I strolled through the seemingly endless corridor of cold, tiny pens, a woman from the agency grasped me by the arm.

“Please, you must save a soul today,” she told me. It wasn’t a marketing ploy for her, either. It was a serious mission, and it was that day I made that my own mission.

Soon after, I was locked in the gaze of a pair of curious green eyes, wrapped in a coat of soft black fur. That gentle soul pierced the heart of a princess, and I was forever changed.

I named him Prince and took him home that day. He was the first of six feline friends that are now a part of my home and my family. He was also the inspiration for my starting the Princess Theodora Foundation – ‘Save A Soul’.

Now, I don’t want anyone to think that I am on the extreme end of the animal rights campaign. I do not believe in shaming others for their choices. I’ll never support a protest that harms another person or vandalizes their property in the course of making a point.

The motivation behind our cause is purely a loving one and comes straight from our heart. Our main concern is to raise awareness about the importance of humane treatment, respect, care and love toward all animals and the many blessings that come with making them part of our lives. Animal rescue, prevention of animal abuse and fighting animal neglect are our top priorities.

Our hope is that you have your heart in the right place. We are all put here for a higher purpose, and one of ours is to help provide care for creatures that cannot care for themselves. After all, kindness, like beauty, is a universal idea.

Very truly yours,



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