Daily Joys in Life

Dear ‘Save A Soul’ Friends,

There is no greater joy for me than waking up every morning and finding myself surrounded by my six furry cat children, who are purring, happy, playful and impatiently waiting for their breakfast. Hugging each one of them and telling them how much I love them puts me in a state of bliss and I keep this feeling within me all day long until it is time to go to bed at night and all six of them surround me again with their unconditional love and put me to sleep.

Over the past couple of years, when taking the opportunity to present the Princess Theodora brand to the Media and Press I was so glad to be able to connect with so many people who share the same passion and concern for animals and their wellbeing. While for some probably the fact of being introduced to yet another beauty line was not that exciting at first I was relieved to see a sparkle in people’s eyes and caught their interest when talking about my relationship and love for the animal world. Suddenly we had something in common that truly mattered and we were able to connect on a different and more personal level. How wonderful is that! So many shared with me the stories of their rescue pets and in how they are supporting the cause and this made me so very happy. It made all the effort, work and preparation to attend this event worthwhile.

For all of you out there who are supporting the wellbeing of animals and saving little souls I wanted to share a poem that I recently enjoyed in one of the monthly newsletters from the local Hope for Life Rescue Organization. I truly hope that it will encourage and motivate you to continue being involved and spread the message:

Tail tucked between your legs,
Confusion in your eyes-
I know it’s hard to understand
That someone heard your cries.
When loneliness is all you know
And pain is all you feel
And no one can be trusted,
And hunger’s all too real…
That’s the time the LORD sees you
And let’s you know He’s there
That’s when He sends His messengers
The hearts that love and care.
Yes, rescuers are angels
You cannot see their wings,
They keep them neatly folded
As they do their caring things.
The medicine to make you well
Good food to make you strong,
And finally to help you learn
That hugs are never wrong.
The perfect place then must be found
The home where you can live
Secure and safe and happy
With joy to get and give.
When you reach your forever home,
Your place to feel whole,
The angels smile, and off they go
To save another soul…
-Author unknown

Wishing you and your pets many happy moments together!

Very truly yours,




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